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April Activities

The leaders of the various senior clubs under the umbrella of Bermuda Senior Islanders' Centre are holding an Appreciation Luncheon in honour of Reverend Fredrick Hassell, MBE on Thursday, April 26th.

From 12.30pm at the Fairmont Southampton, this event will express thank you on behalf of seniors, since Rev. Hassell has been active in the community striving to improve the quality of life for seniors for over forty years.

Tickets are $40 and you can also expect door prizes.

For more information, or to purchase tickets, contact Myra Bristol on 234-0255.

A ‘Centre’ in which seniors are safe in an atmosphere created by themselves, that invigorates them with new exciting purposes and new rejuvenating things to do in their leisure years.

Reaching out to seniors & getting them out of the house for socialising at luncheons, craft and island wide rallies. The ‘Centre’ is the gateway to a network of eighteen senior clubs across the island.

The Bermuda Senior Islanders’ Centre is planted in Admiralty House Park, the former residence and headquarters of the British Admiral commanding the American and West Indies Squadron. In 1956 the Admiralty was withdrawn from Bermuda and the property reverted to the Government of Bermuda for recreational and public enjoyment.

In the 1970’s a fine group of citizens initiated a programme targeting all segments of the community, offering a variety of leisure and recreational opportunities for children, young people, adults and older persons.

Thirty-five years later the community dialectic continues to flourish through the Bermuda Senior Islanders’ Centre’s focus on seniors and character building activities with children in public schools. The Centre helps social and civic groups by making its Clubhouse available for community meetings, family reunions and children’s parties. Thanks for visiting our site; we hope it’s appealing to seniors looking to become affiliated with our activities, club meetings, or 18 affiliated senior groups.

Fredrick R. Hassell, MBE

Fred Hassell's Grandparents

My grandparents on my father's side came to Bermuda from Saba in the early 1900s. Saba island (population 1,991) is 5 square miles in the Northeastern Caribbean Sea, 28 miles southwest of St. Maarten. My grandfather James Hassell died in Pembroke at 79 years and my grandmother Maryanne Hassell died in the parish at 67 years the same year. I'm assuming they posed for this picture somewhere in Pembroke around 1920 includes James and Maryanne Hassell, Clement, James, standing and my dad Ned sitting who was born in 1910 and his brother Eldridge. The names are written across the picture identifying members of the family appear to be my father's handwriting.

Kathleen Brangman remembered for her straightforwardness and helpfulness

The Senior Islander Centre extends its heartfelt condolences to the children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and relatives on the passing of Mrs. Kathleen Brangman, one of our Centre associates.
Mrs. Brangman was a resolute member of various senior committees and took a no-nonsense and straightforward approach to getting things done to improve the lives of her fellow seniors.
The Island Wide Committee and the Season Seniors Group of which she was a founding member join us in these sentiments of sympathy to your family.
It’s our earnest prayer that our Heavenly Father will keep you all in His care and give Mrs. Brangman eternal rest in the everlasting arms of her precious Savior, Jesus Christ.

Mrs. Kathleen Brangman wearing all blue with her son Ivan Caines. The clip was taken from the Christmas Luncheon last year at Admiralty House Park.

  1. Seniors Tea at St.Marys Church
  2. Seniors Tea at St.Marys Church
  3. Seniors Tea at St.Marys Church
  4. Seniors Tea at St.Marys Church
  5. Seniors Tea at St.Marys Church
  6. Seniors Tea at St.Marys Church
  7. Seniors Tea at St.Marys Church
  8. Seniors Tea at St.Marys Church
  9. Seniors Tea at St.Marys Church
  10. Seniors Tea at St.Marys Church
  11. Seniors Tea at St.Marys Church
  12. Seniors Tea at St.Marys Church
  13. Seniors Tea at St.Marys Church

Photos kindly provided by Zurich Bermuda

A letter from the Premier, the Hon.E.David Burt,JP,MP

thanking Fred Hassell for sending a copy of our newsletter.
Read it here.

Senior’s tribute to the late Marlene B. Landy, J.P.

We remember the late Marlene B. Landy, a fluent, consummate radio and television Presenter. Listeners will have memories of Marlene B., a suave anchor of ceremonies presenting the content and form of melodious music before transmitting it to the public.

In memory of Marlene B., we would like to share two pieces of celebrated music she presented for the classical hour of the Sixty Something Radio Programme in FM105 studios at BBC. *Turandot Puccini’s aria, Nessun Dorma (None shall sleep) and Air On the G String, by J.S Bach.

We extended our heartfelt condolences to her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, family and friends on her passing.

May our Heavenly Father who blessed her with gifts and poise, give her eternal rest, in the name of his beloved Son the Lord Jesus.

* Click on the title to hear Nessun Dorma (Andrea Bocelli) and Air On the G String and be enthralled by orchestras performing them.

Fredrick R. Hassell, MBE


Seniors were delighted to have been chosen by the staff of RUBiS to celebrate their tenth anniversary with a ‘Fuelling 4 a Cause Tag Day’, at ten* RUBiS’ Gas Stations.

Fred Hassell’s granddaughters Yara 3 and Izabella 6, sell the first Centre charity tag to Governor Rankin at Government House.

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